Essential Notification Insights

We believe applications should enhance people’s lives rather than be a source of interruption.

We believe notifications are the most intimate feature of mobile devices.

We believe that each notification sent is an opportunity to create a positive moment.

We empower developers to build magical moments for their users.

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Get the complete picture of how notifications drive engagement with your app - without changing how they're sent.

Projector Lens works with your existing push notification delivery service, and unifies marketing and transactional notifications in a simple report.

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With Projector Lens, you can

Get up to the minute reports on notification performance.

Learn from your users and get the feedback you need to build better products and make better product decisions.

Minimize opt-outs and uninstalls due to noisy or irrelevant notifications.

How it Works

Build your mobile app and send notifications however you wish


Add Projector's simple, non-disruptive SDK

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Get the full picture of how users are interacting with notifications

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Your app's success depends on the quality of your notification experience. Keep a pulse on engagement with Projector.

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